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Growth. Change. Becoming.

I’ve been thinking a lot about such things, since arriving in France.

I came here to think; to recollect; to write; hopefully, to change.

I think about roots, and how life is drawn upward from our surroundings.
I think about where I come from and contrast it to where I now find myself.
I think about identity and all the accretions we accumulate, many of which simply obscure.
I think about mistakes, false starts, premature endings.
I think about loss and what it truly means to possess.
I think about responsibility and the effort required to simply be.

I think too much.

Every morning, I walk the length of the path that joins my hermitage to the outside world. At the end of the path, there is a field. In the 11 days since I arrived, I’ve watched the field push seed into sprouts and then into blades.

Then I realized.

The seed expended no effort. The tiny sprout implements no plan of its own making.

All they had to do was be; and by being they become; and by becoming they change; and by changing they find themselves.

When I return, if I have learned to be, perhaps I’ll be more myself.

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