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  • Ages 6 - 8
  • $15.95, includes shipping
  • 38 pages
Humphrey the Lazy Hummingbird

Humphrey the Hummingbird’s friends think he’s lazy. He doesn’t join them in their hard work of gathering food for the winter. Instead, Humphrey spends his days humming songs from his branch high above the meadow.

But, as the day grows hotter and their work grows harder, the other animals begin to notice something surprising — something that makes them think that maybe Humphrey isn’t so lazy, after all.

Humphrey the Lazy Hummingbird is a heartwarming story proving that we all have a unique gift. When shared with others, our unique gifts can lighten their loads and brighten their days.

  • Ages 14 - Adult
  • $18.95, includes shipping
  • 524 pages
A Butterfly in Paris

Esmée Délancourt was perfectly happy never to leave her quiet home in Saint-Denis-lès-Chevreuse, France. But when the doors of the commuter train bound for Paris slide closed, trapping her inside, she finds herself an unwilling participant in an adventure through the City of Lights.

As Esmée struggles to find her way home again, the little butterfly meets a cast of characters and witnesses a world of wonders she could never have imagined. Through danger, love, and loss, she comes to understand the meaning of the word home and the symbolism hidden in a sculpture tucked away in the Louvre Museum; a sculpture her mother used to teach an important childhood lesson.

  • Ages 4 - 7
  • $12.95, includes shipping
  • 32 pages
Philbert LaRue had a Hole in his Shoe

A Seussical, lyrical, rhymingly-rhythmical comedy of errors that begins with a hole in a shoe and ends when a wiser Philbert learns a valuable lesson.

  • Ages 7 - 14
  • $14.95, includes shipping
  • 308 pages

Tabouli is a real-life diabetes alert dog who lives with his owner, 13-year old Elizabeth Vaughan, in Greenville, South Carolina. Striving to overcome his tragic beginnings, Tabouli's love and devotion toward Elizabeth enable him to surmount challenges and obstacles, prejudice and doubt in order to become a certified service dog.

When tragedy strikes, Tabouli must find his way out of the shadows of grief which threaten to undermine all he has accomplished. Deciding always to follow the adventure, this heart-driven dog is surprised to find within himself a greatness he never expected.

Recommended by world-renown dog trainer, Debby Kay, this book “so perfectly captures the spirit and journey of a remarkable service dog.”

  • Ages 4 - 7
  • $9.95, includes shipping
  • 24 pages
With Just An Empty Shoebox

With Just An Empty Shoebox opens the lid and peeks inside a world of simple wonders and limitless creativity, in which dreams are stored away for a lifetime of happiness.

  • Ages 4 - 7
  • $5.95, includes shipping
  • 58 pages
Seer Shilliness

Seer Shilliness: A collection of poems for the youthful heart is a collection of rhymes; rhythms; whimsy; wonderings; wanderings and ponderings for the youthful heart. Written purely to entertain, this little book of poetry could only be happier if it were also used as a coloring book!

  • $60.00, includes shipping
Collection of Six Books

Own the Entire Collection of Six Books for a discounted price. All books come signed by the author and include a bookmark. With something for every age, this personalized collection includes: A Butterfly in Paris, Philbert LaRue had a Hole in his Shoe, Humphrey the Lazy Hummingbird, Seer Shilliness, Tabouli: The Story of a Heart-Driven Diabetes Alert Dog, and With Just an Empty Shoebox.